Meet the Coaches

Ben Kaminskiben

A native to the Bronx, Ben has always had a passion for fitness and picking up heavy things. He served in the Army for seven years, and during that time he would train individuals in his group. After returning from some place in the desert, Ben decided to turn his passion into a reality and open up Spuyten Duyvil Crossfit.

Jen Davenport

Jen has always considered herself an athlete. She grew up hiking, cycling and skiing. She was a 4-year NCAA fencer and a competitive skiier on a regional club team for the better part of a decade – giant slalom was her bread-and-butter. She began CrossFit in 2011 as a time-efficient way to stay in shape while she was a working graduate student and fell in love with the disciplines it covered, as well as its focus on the sustainability of lifelong physical fitness. She is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. She also holds her CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate, and her CrossFit Strongman Trainer Certificate. Her love of the Erg also lead her to complete crew programs through Row New York and Harlem River Community Rowing.

Dr. Leon SmulakowskiScreen Shot 2017-02-04 at 4.37.48 PM

Leon is a certified nutritionist, a veteran, and a truly amazing weightlifting coach, with over a decade in the sport–and a rather handsome fellow. Come by to learn more about the elusive snatch, clean and jerk, and how to never wear a belt.

Claire Zaccheo

Claire is a down to earth, natural athlete with a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College. Not only is she strong, but smart too! Claire has a passion for CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. She is a certified level 1 CrossFit trainer, and enjoys working with dedicated athletes seeking results.